Beetroot Powder Kraft

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Beetroot powder contains a various benefits for the body including boosting stamina, detoxification and reducing signs of ageing naturally.

Beetroots are known to be high in nutrients, antioxidants, calcium, iron, folate and manganese which are great for your overall well-being and can help to regulate blood pressure.

Follow or easy recipes included in the packaging or just add a teaspoon of beetroot to any fruit juice


Beetroot contains the phytochemical betaine, that is known to facilitate fat metabolism, and the red pigment betanin, an antioxidant that supports liver detoxification.  There are also natural nitrates that help to support circulation and exercise performance.  Beetroot has traditionally been used to support the renal system, help purify the blood, and support liver and gallbladder problems.

Did you know?

Beetroot lowers blood pressure, as it is a naturally rich source of nitrates that help to widen blood vessels.

How to use?

  • One tablespoon of beetroot powder is equivalent to one fresh beetroot
  • Add to your smoothies and juices for a nutritional boost


  • 100% Pure Beetroot

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100g, 200g

12 reviews for Beetroot Powder Kraft

  1. Imogene

    Great anti-oxidant but any beetroot drink is not that tasty. close your nose and swallow, but is worth it for giving your body a boost

  2. Rohini

    Works great in smoothies and so much easier to prep. Affordable.

  3. Phyllis van Deventer

    Great product

  4. Brent

    Great beetroot flavour. Works well for gym and the bedroom – very happy.

  5. Colette

    Perfect with smoothies for health benefits.

  6. Tebogo

    I had the beetroot powder in my smoothly and was not disappointed. I’m happy with the yummy taste.

  7. Steven

    Really hard to find Beetroot products in SA. Glad i found this one. It helps a lot with my BP!

  8. Keenan

    Amazing product, it absolutely boosted my stamina and performance

  9. Ashveer

    Works well, good for use as a pre-workout

  10. Dirk

    I use this product with my smoothie mix – Great product

  11. LN

    Hard to find and decently priced

  12. Adaeza

    Served its purpose and a good supplement

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