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Our Story

Nutridry was founded on the principles that nutrition should come from nature, not from a lab. We focus on making vitamins and minerals from real fruits and vegetables, just like they are found in nature.

Healthy Habits - The challenge

People are just not able to maintain a healthy lifestyle with busy work and family schedules. And even if you are able to prepare meals daily and exercise, we find that getting all of the vitamins and minerals needed by our bodies to sustain a healthy immune system is very challenging.

Nutritional Supplements - What our research indicate

We extensively researched supplements in the market and found that virtually all of them contained synthetic ingredients made in a lab. For our bodies to stay healthy we need multivitamins and minerals, but also plant phytonutrients.  Our products therefore focus on wholefood supplements —  packed conveniently to fit our modern lifestyles?

The Start of our business

We decided to create a line of multivitamins, minerals and phytonutrients made with real, plant-based ingredients. We also bought the Plant Breeders license for Chaya grown and cultivated in South Africa that is packed with important Amino Acids and Phytonutrients.  We started sourcing our vegetables and herbs from farmers in South Africa to ensure our products are locally grown.  Sometimes we blend greens and roots in order to provide a superfood that provides important nutrients our bodies need.


Finding a sustainable way to package our supplements has lead to the start of Nutri-Me.  Our brand not only focuses on sustainable packaging but also offer products in smaller quantities, therefore providing our clients an opportunity to include various products as part of their monthly supplement range.